Palatka Main Street
Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think of Palatka becoming a Main Street Community.

With Palatka’s ongoing goal of revitalizing the City’s downtown corridor, City Hall and the City Commission are exploring the City’s participation in the Florida Main Street program. 

The Florida Main Street Program plays a role in revitalizing historic districts, fostering economic development, and revitalizing the local economy by attracting jobs, generating revenue, and bringing people back to the heart of these cities.

For more information on Florida’s Main Street program visit

The Main Street Approach works best in communities that already have valuable resources, such as historic buildings and local independent businesses. 

The Florida Main Street program requires a city the size of Palatka to hire a full-time Executive Director for the program and choose a volunteer board of directors comprised of community members to oversee the project.

These requirements need to be considered as the City enters into the budgeting sessions for the next year and we value your input. Let us know what you think!